This is a project that I worked on as VP of Production Development at WARPO toys. Below is the finished figure in our classic Catalog photo shoot. I also have the original 3D mockups for the figure line that I worked on.
Monster Hunter
This was a project I was working on as a portfolio piece. It was a Candy/Toyline that's main theme was hunting down monsters.
Legends of Cthulhu
This is the poster that I got to work on with the Warpo team and more importantly the amazing Ken Kelly. It was a thrill to get to work with him on this iconic image from the Legend of Cthulhu toy line. Below are some of the other fun items we came up with of the Kick Starter. 
Krumpus Commercial
From the beginning, we at the WARPO design department tried to create something unique but also rooted in nostalgia. "Don't Cuddle the Krampus", I believe accomplish this goal successfully. The commercial was a blast to work on! I had to be the kid in the closet since our actor was too afraid to be in their by himself​. ​
H.P. Lovecraft Foods
Nothing like a heaping helping of noodles and madness! This was a project that I completed in my teaching days. The project was to create and satirical consumer item. I often did the project with my students in order to show them the process of how I create a design.
ALIEN Poster
In space nobody can hear you use your pen tool. I have always loved the Alien movies, especially the environments. Here is my version of the iconic airlock from the epic Sci-Fi Horror flick.
Krampus Krunch
I Illustrated this for WARPO's Krampus Kickstarter. Often at WARPO, we created a bunch of ancillary items that would have gone on the market at the same time as the toys. We wanted to create more than just a toy. We wanted to create an experience for our customers. that could bendy thing from a vintage commercial, to kick ass toys, coloring books and of course a well-balanced Breakfast. I could imagine this cereal box sitting on the shelves of my neighborhood grocery store back in 1986.
Lunch Time
It's Lunchtime​! I made these fun place mats that pay homage to my grade school days of hot lunch.
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